Welcome to Kinky Tresses! A clean beauty brand and the happy place for tight 4C kinks and coils


The beauty industry has overlooked the needs of kinky, coily 4C hair for far too long. That's why as a black woman and chemist with 4C hair, I created Kinky Tresses to celebrate you and to provide authentic products tailored specifically for you. With dryness being the number one struggle for 4C naturals, we've created an innovative hair care line that provides intense lasting moisture, manageability and nourishment from wash day to wash day. We do this by creating formulations tailored for the structure of tight kinks and coils. We also go through a rigorous process to source only the finest ingredients from places like Morocco, South America and the Caribbean to use in our formulations.

Our mission is the help women like you master and embrace the beauty of your unique texture so that you can show up in all aspects of your life radiating with confidence!  Join our community today and let us celebrate you as we help you unleash the full potential of your kinks.


Shawna's Story

Kinky Tresses ( a Samora Naturals company) was founded by Shawna Moses, a scientist whose passion for hair care became deeply rooted in her childhood years. As a young girl, she enjoyed doing cornrows and twists on her family members' hair. However, it wasn't until her college years while taking a number of advanced level chemistry classes that she truly understood and appreciated the science behind kinky, curly natural hair.

After experiencing a severe chemical relaxer burn, she embarked on her own natural hair journey but found that it was difficult to keep her hair moisturized using the products that were available on the market. Frustrated and desperate, she decided to use her knowledge as a scientist to create her own product using a blend of natural ingredients. She quickly  realized that the key to creating a product that delivers long lasting moisture was finding the delicate balance between hydrating and moisturizing ingredients. After countless failures, she finally came up with a winning formulation….the Coconut Mango Hair Butter. She noticed an immediate difference in how her hair behaved after using the product. Her dry, brittle hair became soft and supple and the moisture lasted for days rather than hours! Her once constantly breaking hair flourished and grew to bra strap length. 
Friends and family members noticed the difference in her hair too and they began to request the product. They loved it so much that she felt encouraged to make it available to the public and so Kinky Tresses was born.

Today the company offers a full line of products made with natural ingredients of superior quality. Like the Coconut Mango hair Butter, each product is specifically formulated to infuse long lasting moisture deep into the hair shaft…..a quality that sets the company apart from its competitors.   

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