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Kinky Tresses, LLC was founded by Shawna Moses, a laboratory scientist whose passion for hair care became deeply rooted in her childhood years. As a young girl, she enjoyed doing rollersets, cornrows and twists on her family members' hair. However, it wasn't until her college years while taking a number of advanced level chemistry classes that she truly understood the science behind black hair.
A number of years later after embarking on her own natural hair journey, her fascination with the science of hair was reignited as she began to search desperately for products to keep her extremely dry natural hair moisturized. She found that many of the popular products on the market would moisturize her hair at first but then it would be dry and brittle again after a few hours.
Frustrated and desperate, she began to experiment with several natural ingredients. After about a year, she finally came up with a winning formulation….the Coconut Mango Hair Butter. It kept her dry, brittle hair soft and supple for days rather than hours! She began to share the product with friends and family members. They loved it so much that she felt encouraged to make it available to the public and so Kinky Tresses was born.
Today the company offers a full line of products made with natural ingredients of superior quality. Each product is specifically formulated to infuse long lasting moisture deep into the hair shaft…..a quality that sets the company apart from its competitors.