Body Oil

$ 12.00

Luxuriously rich non-greasy body oil that goes on smooth, leaving the skin so soft and supple you'll never want to go a day without using it. Works great on its own but also pairs nicely with our Body Butters for a next level experience in self care. All of the scents listed below are customer favorites and top sellers in our store.

Top selling scents:

 Pink Sugar-   sweet, sugary, soft but sophisticated scent.


Indulge- puts you in the mind of a relaxing beach vacation. Mild beachy floral scent.

Caribbean sun-  sweet, delicious, tropical. Light and feminine. 


 Ingredients: Avocado oil, Sunflower oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Vitamin E and Fragrance.

Body Oil Pink Sugar $ 12.00

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