The Causes of Natural Hair Crown Breakage You Never Thought Of

Natural hair crown breakage is the worst. You did not spend tons of time tending to your tresses for your hair at the crown of your head to be breaking off, when everywhere else is flourishing. I know sis; none of us do, but it’s a very common natural hair problem that can be solved with time, observation, and by using the tips in this post. 


The Causes of Natural Hair Crown Breakage and How to Solve Them  

The Cause You Never Thought About

This possible cause of natural hair crown breakage is HUGE because it’s something that most naturals do on a regular basis. As we go through our wash day and styling routines, we often split our hair into sections. Typically we section our hair into at least four quadrants all of your hair is being pulled down and away from the crown. This repeated tension could be the reason for your crown breakage. 

 Natural Hair Crown Breakage Caused By Parting

Shawna Moses, our very own CEO of Kinky Tresses, found this to be the reason for breakage in her crown at one point. Switch up the way you section your hair with more sections or by creating a section at the crown to avoid repeated tension in the same areas.

Insufficient Moisture and/ or Protein 

The fact that your hair has broken indicates that the structure of the hair itself may be  weak. More often than not weak, brittle natural hair is due to lack of moisture or protein. It may also be a combination of both. You may need to increase how often you deep condition, use protein treatments, and/or remoisturize your hair. When choosing deep conditioners, the focus should be on those that are formulated for restoring damaged hair to an optimal balance of protein and moisture like the  Kinky Tresses Restorative Conditioner. 

Kinky Tresses shampoo and conditioner

Are you Applying Your Products Right?

A common mistake naturals make is not evenly distributing products in their hair.  Separate your hair into smaller sections when applying products to ensure all of your strands are getting their share of moisture and/or protein  applied to it, from roots to ends. As much as we love to pay attention to the ends of our strands, the roots are just as susceptible to breakage. It’s also important to use styling products that are moisturizing and easy to distribute from roots to ends like the Kinky Tresses Coconut Mango Hair Butter.  


Kinky Tresses Coconut Mango Hair Butter

Styles too Tight / Over Manipulation

Another huge culprit of breakage along the crown ( and also the hairline and nape) is excessive tension from hairstyles. Whether your style is completely natural, a weave, or any other type of protective style, it should never be too tight. Constant tension and manipulation of the same areas in your scalp can cause your strands to break.

Fluffing your hair with a pick also counts as manipulation. If you are constantly picking at the crown of your head for volume, you could be gradually causing your natural hair crown breakage. Give the pick a rest and try fluffing with your hands or a really wide tooth comb that can take on denser roots.   



Excessive Heat 

The crown of our head is most exposed to elements that could be detrimental to healthy hair growth. The biggest elemental culprit is heat (sun exposure, blow drying, etc.). If you’re blow drying your hair frequently you may need to slow down on the frequency, use it on a lower heat setting, and/or make sure the roots of your fro aren’t getting too much heat in the process. 

Give Your Scalp Regular Spa Days

On the mend, scalp massages are sworn by by literally everyone. Massaging your scalp  increases blood flow which is known to promote hair growth. Add a hair oil that contains ingredients that are also beneficial for hair growth and long lasting moisture like the Kinky Tresses Nourishing Hair Oil.

You May Need to Cut It

You might need to sit down for this one sis! If your broken/thinning hair at the crown of your head is uneven, you may need to trim it. There’s no point in letting the damaged split ended hairs stay. Your strands will continue to grow, but the ends will continue to split their way up the shaft of the hair. Trim the section to its healthiest point,  and practice all the tips recommended in this post. It’ll take time, but it will grow back stronger and healthier. 

Bonnet Chronicles

This tip may be the most practiced already, but just in case we’re adding it anyways. Stop sleeping without protecting your hair! The friction and tension caused by tossing and turning every night is detrimental to already sensitive parts of your fro like your edges, nape, and crown. Wear bonnets, Durags , and silk scarves to put a protective physical barrier between your hair and your sleep movements.   

It’s never a good moment to find breakage or any type of damage to your natural hair. Relax, woosah, and regroup. With time, care and these tips it’ll grow back stronger and most importantly healthier than ever. 

What do you think is causing your natural hair crown breakage? Do you know someone that’s struggling with this type of breakage? Help your fellow naturalista out and share this post with them.

April 08, 2019 by Shamika George


Jasmine Thompson

Jasmine Thompson said:

Hello KinkyTresses ! When will you restock on your sample pack ?

Caroline Tipton

Caroline Tipton said:

I would be so grateful if you could possibly send me a sample pack of your highly recommended products.

Angie Green

Angie Green said:

55 yrs. old – menopausal, used so many hair products (shampoo/deep conditioner). Wear my hair in a high bun (same spot) for years, due to hot flashes. Crown breakage, dry ends. I don’t know what to buy (from Walmart). Not satisfied with my hair health.


Maya said:

I deep condition weekly (finger detangle first then gently comb upward with my denman brush), I try my best to do scalp massages every other day or so (my scalp get oily fast). I use products that are both moisturing and protein packed. I mainly do wash n gos since I have a looser curl pattern and I have a fine to medium hair diameter. When I style, my method is mainly raking thru the products, then using my denman brush to evenly brush it thru and to get more curl definition. I also make sure I cover my hair at night with my bonnet (which is a smooth satin material). Lastly, I was taking hair vitamins at one point and I know it attributed to the length of my hair but not the fullness. Idk what else to do.


Tracy said:

i really,appriciate on a post when i read it,so i know from ready i can now prevent my hair from breakage


Irene said:

Thanks for your post, but what causes breakage at the very ends?. I start twisting my hair then just as I get to the ends, they break off even when they’re moisturized and oiled.



Do you hace sample packets, do i can try your products.
Vilma Del Valle

Betty Stanley

Betty Stanley said:

Can I please get samples of your products I have been natural since breast cancer in 2018 my have was growing so good but in the last month it has started thinning in the crown and fraying around my sides and edges. I am looking for a good protein and moisture enriched product I love some of the comments I read some good comments about your products would love to try them. Thanks

Betty Stanley

Betty Stanley said:

Can I please get samples of your products I have been natural since breast cancer in 2018 my have was growing so good but in the last month it has started thinning in the crown and fraying around my sides and edges. I am looking for a good protein and moisture enriched product I love some of the comments I read some good comments about your products would love to try them. Thanks


Steph said:

Can I get samples of ur product. My hair at the crown is gone

Marilyn Mason

Marilyn Mason said:

Would you recommend a night routine for 4c hair? Is it true that you could over do it with the hair conditioning process?

Marshelle Carter

Marshelle Carter said:

I would love to sample your products. What would you suggest for my crown thats keeps breaking to 2 inches or less very dry and brittle no matter what I use. The rest of my hair is over 6 – 8 inches long. Thank you in advance I appreciate your help.
Andrea Mathis

Andrea Mathis said:

Would like a sample of your products.

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I would love a sample .
Hair day treatment


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