1 Hour Wash Day (Natural Hair)

Wash Day has finally arrived! I know for some Kurlies, wash day can be very overwhelming. There are so many new tips and techniques out there that sometimes we think we need to add them all into our wash day. But, let's be honest, sometimes this can cause us to over complicate our wash day AND overmanipulate our hair. We believe that you should keep things as simple as possible so here are 4 tips to help turn your wash day into wash hour! 

Prep Hair The Night Before

The night before you plan to wash your hair, put your hair into workable sections (at least 4) and gently remove the shed hairs with your fingers. Shed hair can cause knots and tangles which will add time to your wash day. After removing the shed hairs from each section, twist the section up to keep it stretched and tangle free. This should only take a few minutes and it will make your life a lot easier the next day.


Work In Sections

Remember those sections that you made the night before? They have already been prepped, your hair is stretched so you're ready to go. Keeping the hair sectioned as you work will prevent unwanted tangles which will make your wash day a breeze. Apply your  Kinky Tresses Avocado Infusion Sulfate-Free Moisturizing Shampoo to each section and gently massage it onto your scalp. Rinse in a downward motion to prevent tangles and to maintain your sections. Next, apply your Kinky Tresses Avocado Infusion Restorative Conditioner in sections after rinsing out your shampoo. Cover with a plastic cap as you shower for a quick but effective deep conditioning treatment. Can you say multitasking! 


Detangle Under Running Water

One of the advantages of detangling your hair in the shower is that you'll have lots of water to help! As you rinse the conditioner from each section, the weight of the water will help to stretch the hair down so that it doesn't curl back onto itself. While the hair is stretched down, use your fingers, detangling brush or comb to detangle the section of hair. This step. if done correctly could literally help you cut wash day in half! 


Try Applying Your Leave-In Right Out of The Shower

When your hair is soaking wet, it's easier to distribute product more evenly. So try ditching the towel and immediately apply a leave-in like Kinky Tresses Avocado Infusion Hair Milk to your soaking wet hair. Because the hair is already wet, you’ll spend less time rewetting it and you’ll use less product. From here the hair can be defined for a wash and go, braided, twisted or put into your desired style. Choosing a quick easy style will make your goal of a shorter wash day even more attainable. 



 And there you have it, wash day is complete! Hopefully these tips will help you turn your wash day into wash hour! If you liked these tips, be sure to read more here. Be sure to keep up with us on Instagram and Facebook

August 18, 2021 by SHAWNA MOSES



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